Trap & Target ™

Providing new horizon for Intranasal drugs delivery.

The T&T platform delivery technology is designed to allow a long residence time and an intimate contact with the mucosal tissue for a highly effective targeted delivery of medicines.

Developed by our drug delivery experts, the T&T platform can be tailored for different molecules to address their specific requirements thus creating improved therapeutic effect.

Trap & Target is a tunable technology platform tailored for specific APIs to improve their bioavailability profile.

The T&T technology is designed to overcome the drug delivery limitations of both local and systemic administration.

T&T technology benefits:

The nasal cavity is an important target for local, systemic as well as central nervous system drugs administration. Due to highly vascularization of the nasal mucosa, liquids or particles that attached to this surface can act either locally or be absorbed into the bloodstream.

T&T technology may provide a promising solutions to unmet needs in the world of local and systemic treatments.

Local – Corticosteroids (CS)

The T&T delivery system targets for improving the bioavailability of CS while maintaining a lower systemic drug levels to reduce the potential for side effects.

Systemic – Central nervous system (CNS)

The T&T technology is compatible with CNS targeted delivery drugs and may improve its bioavailability. Our current development pipeline include benzodiazepines and naloxone (opioid antagonist) products.